A womens's voice

What is a females voice? what would she wants? no body really recognize this that what a females desires although her desires are so simple her desires are so simple undoubtedly yet nobody respects the wishes as well as needs of womens. what a males’s made society ah!i am just surprised by thinking that still there are some mens that has no regard for the ladies’s need they simply live in their mens culture as well as assume that they are inferior from all. if the guys saw a women in some premium blog post he was jealoused with her and claimed that just how a women can do this. Although the females needs are so basic they just the aspects in the eye of others, they simply want that all the culture just love her, enjoy her. she simply desires that she also have a private identity. but guys donot comprehend this. if a ladies do job some individuals made the concern of their ego. if she relocates a society he hates this matter. a women simply don't understand this that if a ladies has not a problem by males than why a men have?.