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Self Defense | Femme Force Fitness


Emma O’Connor

Owner/Instructor/Registered Yoga Teacher (R.Y.T 350)
YOUTH Speaker. Mentor. Believer

Emma O’Connor founded Femme Force Fitness in 2012. Throughout her life she has been committed to fitness, wellness, and empowerment. Her vision is to help people find their balance in life through a positive and inclusive approach to fitness.

A former mixed martial artist and Division 1 soccer player, Emma completed her degree in Health and Physical Education at Mississippi Valley State University. She is certified as a personal trainer and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Throughout her time in competitive sports, Emma struggled with the toll that intensive training took on her body and mind. While she enjoyed her sports, she knew she needed to find balance. She learned that true wellness comes from having both a strong mind and a strong body.

Emma is a force in her community. She is committed to operating her business as a social enterprise, and to building a strong neighbourhood in SOHO. She runs community outreach programs, youth education through the school boards, and is an engaging public speaker on topics of youth and women empowerment and resilience, fitness and wellness, and ending violence and bullying in our communities.

You can contact Emma at 519.933.9619 or