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Self Defense | Femme Force Fitness


About Us


Femme Force Fitness is not your typical big box gym. We are a community-driven social enterprise in the heart of SOHO, delivering fitness programs that are inclusive, body positive and all about empowerment.

Everyone – no matter their shape, size, fitness level, age, or ability is treated equally at Femme Force. We want to give people the tools to love and honour their bodies as they are – perfect, whole and complete. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

We offer a variety of programs and fitness classes including: boot camp, kick boxing, self defense, yoga, and Fun Fit for Kids. Our classes are predominantly women/children only, but we do have a select number of co-ed classes. Please see our schedule for details.



As a social enterprise, we are committed to supporting our community. 10% of membership fees are directed to community programs including Strong Sisters and youth empowerment camps, which are provided at no-cost to community members.