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Beautiful Truth: Exercise & Mindfulness Program for Teen Girls

Beautiful Truth | Femme Force Fitness | London, ON

Beautiful Truth is an initiative to foster agency and self-worth in teenage girls through exercise, healthy eating, and mindfulness. We know that when youth feel good about themselves, they are less likely to exert harmful power against others, and are more likely to exhibit self-confidence.

We want to

Enable girls to feel connected to community and provide a safe space where they can feel like they belong.

Program Overview

  • An outreach based program delivered in schools and community organizations on request
  • Customizable format based on needs/schedule of your program

What to expect

  • Fitness exercises (ex: kickboxing, circuit training, team-building exercises)
  • Yoga
  • Facilitated conversation on mindfulness, mental health, self-confidence, anti-bullying

Learn More Please contact Emma O’Connor at 519.619.1619 or email at to learn more about this program.