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Self Defense | Femme Force Fitness


Community Outreach

Femme Force operates community-based programs to empower women and youth through exercise, mindfulness, and meaningful conversations. We know that when youth feel good about themselves, they are less likely to exert harmful power against others, and are more likely to exhibit self-confidence.

Our objective is to create a safe space where empowerment and positive thinking can foster and provide participants with the tools and skills they need to become self-aware, motivated and independent.


We offer custom programs for schools and community organizations including youth camps, in-school education on wellness and anti-bullying, self-defence, and a variety of fitness classes.

Emma works to create a safe space to help women and youth find self-acceptance, balance in mind and body, and to stand in their power. Emma is also available as a speaker for classes, guest lectures, community events, and conferences.

To find out more about our outreach programs, please contact Emma O’Connor at 519.619.1619 or email at