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Femme Force Fitness Presents Mindful Movement Mentorship Program

Mindful Movement Mentorship Program

Owner Emma O’Connor AKA Spiritual Ninja is offering a NEW coed Empowerment program for your kids 👇

My heart is fluttering with hope and so much JOY because my BRAND-NEW initiative is coming to Femme Force Fitness this SEPTEMBER. This new program was designed just for youth, to help them cultivate self-awareness and emotional resilience, so they can thrive and it’s called………..the Mindful Movement Mentorship Program.

This is for your child if they’re struggling to focus because of the anxiety building up in their chest. This is for your teen if they’re feeling lonely and unable to find the words to tell you how they’re feeling. And this is definitely for youth who are overwhelmed by the emotion, social and life pressures that are weighing on them.

The Mindful Movement Mentorship Program is here to help them. This program integrates movement exercises with mindfulness practices and space for raw conversation.

Space is limited to 16 participants per age group. Right now you can save 25% when you register your child by August 28th.

I here to answer any questions you have:
Call Emma at 519-933-9619 or

I’m so excited and honoured to be offering this. Together let’s help your child THRIVE.