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Girls Creating Change

Girls Creating Change, Photos/Videos

Girls Creating Change is our girls’ violence prevention group, where we focus on building a girl’s sense of self-worth, empowerment and a sense of themselves as change makers. We’ve worked with over 70 girls this past year. The girls meet once a week with facilitators, for a hangout and discussion time on:

  • Gender identity and what it means to be a woman
  • Self-esteem
  • Boundaries and being assertive
  • Healthy sexuality
  • Power/privilege and its effects on our lives
  • Violence, self-harm and bullying
  • Agency, leadership and taking action

Since 2012, Emma and Femme Force Fitness have partnered with Girls Creating Change. Using her own personal experiences and her skills as a motivational trainer, Emma comes in to lead one of the nine weeks with the girls, doing team building and healthy body strength activities. The goal is not to frame this as a self-defense course, but to look at how our bodies can be things other than tools for beauty…they are strong and capable!

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