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Self Defense | Femme Force Fitness

Jody Chinnick – July 2013

Hall of Femme

Jody | March Femme of the Month | Femme Force Fitness | Womens Fitness London On

I am super proud of this woman! She has trained with me for over 2 years now and has grown into such a beautiful, strong, determined lady. So much stronger, wiser, confident then before. It’s a journey! A daily one of course. Jody can tell you personally how tough it is to not jump on that scale…but if she knew better which she eventually did, she understood that a scale can’t read how hard you worked at training, how much effort you put into preparing food and coming to training after 11 hour days in the sun. And most importantly it certainly can’t tell you your worth!

I think the most change I have seen in Jody is her confidence, her work ethic, how she carries herself, and her BIG smile at the end of a workout. I have seen her grow tremendously. She is one of many who have built themselves up from the inside out at Femme Force. I know a lot of women think that results happen over night, well I’m sorry but they don’t! It takes hard work, disciplined eating, balanced training, solid sleeps and a sh*t ton of SELF LOVE 🙂

I need to comment on Jody’s mind set at the gym. She comes to training always ready to work, giving it her all even if she’s worked a 10 hour day. At one point Jody’s work schedule was everywhere! She wasn’t sure when she could make it to group training so she asked if she could do some personal training so that she wouldn’t fall off the wagon. We had fun, worked hard and built a great friendship. There’s something Jody needs to know…a young lady at the gym last night said to me “Emma that was one tough workout! I kept looking over at Jody and thinking wow she’s working so hard! She can do everything! And she never gives up. I want to be strong and fit like her! So I kept working away because she was inspiring me to do so.”

I thought that that was a lovely comment that you should know Jody. 🙂 Its not always easy, I get that and some things come easier to others. But as the saying goes “Don’t ever give up, you never know who you’re inspiring”.

I’m very blessed to have you apart of my life Jody, a part of our Femme Force Family. Your hard work, dedication and trust in me doesn’t go unnoticed. Friends/clients like you are hard to find, and I am truly proud of you girl! Continue to train hard, talk good to yourself, smile and keep that healthy balance. I look forward to many more butt kickin’s at the gym and tons more backwards skipping 😉

You are AMAZING! And that is why I am honoured to recognize you as our July Femme of the Month. We at Femme Force are extremely proud of you! 🙂 Congratulations my friend you are well deserving of this recognition.

PS. Jody don’t ever give up, you never know who you are inspiring.

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