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Liana Leonard – August 2013

Hall of Femme

Liana | March Femme of the Month | Femme Force Fitness | Womens Fitness London On

The Femme of the Month for August is Liana Leonard. I am a bit behind, but it’s better late than never right ladies!? Liana has been training with me for almost two years. When she first started, she would be the first to tell you that she was searching for something. Liana had recently entered the world of motherhood, and was struggling to maintain a sense of her independent, professionally successful and driven self among diaper duty and the other endless things she had to do around the house. Liana always shows up ready to work, she was seeing results; she felt stronger, trimmer and it was obvious that her energy level was up.

After a few months of training with me, Liana and her husband Dave decided they wanted to add another little one to their family, I would like to think that it was due to her increase in energy levels and body confidence that resulted in the lovely Evelyn nine months later. Evelyn is now seven months old, and Liana has been back to her pre-baby weight for quite a while now.

While it is admirable how Liana performs physically in the gym, it is her steady and giving spirit that really makes you happy to be in her presence. One of the things that I strive for at Femme Force is a sense of community, a sense of belonging for each member, and an atmosphere where women feel comfortable bringing their little ones into the fold as they work out. Liana is a shining example of the type of client. I both want to work with and be an integral part of the family that is Femme Force.

Owning my own business has its challenges, and while I love the journey, sometimes there are moments when I feel particularly frustrated, overwhelmed, or just lacking support. Liana is always one of the first people to offer a helping hand, come up with a good idea, create an opportunity for Femme Force to be seen or just say a few kind words on a hard day.

Liana is the perfect example for all those Mums out there that don’t think they have the time they need to take care of themselves. Liana cares for two children, supports a husband that works several jobs, manages their own company and TRULY RECOGNIZES that if she is going to be good at that, she HAS to take time to take care of herself. Clients, and even more than that, friends like her are hard to come by. I am excited to continue to be part of her life journey, as she always seems to be moving forward in some way, and will always be ready with a good ass-kicking when the stress starts to mount.

Thanks for you Liana, you are a wonderful addition to our Femme Force Family, see you and the little ones in the gym 🙂 From all of us at Femme Force we are extremely proud of you and want to recognize you as our August Femme of the month!

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