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Self Defense | Femme Force Fitness

Women's Fitness, Women's Gym, London, On



Women only – Which means you can sweat, grunt, wear no make-up, and be yourself.

Small Group class sizes – Classes are kept small (5-10 ladies per class), thus allowing everyone to get more attention from the trainer, which in turn maximizes your results.

We use kickboxing pads and gloves! – Burn more calories and firm your muscles faster by engaging all your muscles in each movement through contact with a safe target!

Learn actual self defense techniques – this is not only one of the best workouts out there, but the information you learn can benefit you if you are in a threatening situation!

Designed for women – which means the exercises target a woman’s trouble spots from head to toe (booty, tummy, etc.)

Never repeated – Programs are never repeated, which keeps your body constantly guessing and changing. It also gives you the element of surprise, never bored ladies!

Full nutritional support – which means you can follow a sound nutritional plan consistently, and are more likely to achieve almost any fitness goal.

The Program is for Everyone! – It doesn’t matter what your age, ability, or fitness level is. We welcome everyone. As a strong team of women we support each other no matter what your fitness goals are, we progress as a team, and are striving to help each other get into the best shape of their lives.


We hope you join the Femme Force Fitness experience. The workouts are so much fun, you’ll get super fit, and meet some other fabulous women!

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