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Jade Bailey

Fitness Coach – Born and raised here in London, ON, I am a student studying neuroscience at Western University. I have been an athlete in some capacity my entire life, primarily a basketball player I am also an avid skier and Olympic weightlifter. For the last seven years I have coached basketball at the elementary and high school level for both boys and girls. I am passionate about fitness and its unique ability to heal and empower so many people. Training has and continues to strengthen me, feeling and seeing your body get stronger is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Nothing is more rewarding than motivating and encouraging others to believe in themselves and their power. I place emphasis on technique and skill and I aim to create workouts that allow you to watch your strength develop over time. I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion with every person that comes to a class!



Natalie Ziemanis

Fitness Coach –  Hi Ladies, wanted to introduce myself and say that I’m really excited to be coaching at Femme Force Fitness! I am a busy mom with two kids, and I work shift work as a Police Dispatcher (10yrs with provincial police in NL and now in London at Western University). I run, I play competitive Volleyball, I have a little piece of me that lives on skies and yearns for the mountains and I’ve been Boxing and Kickboxing since 2011.

I started out just looking for a place to drop a few pounds after I had my kids, and it ended up changing the way I saw fitness entirely. I loved the training and loved the results I got from it. I quickly found that I wanted more, so I joined the competitive team and have entered the ring several times for Kickboxing and Boxing. I had the pleasure of training and sparring with several Canadian Title holders and a few that regularly compete at world events.

During that time I also began to coach the Ladies Cardio Kickboxing classes held at the same gym. I love that I am able to continue that here in London. Motivating women to sweat, empowering them to learn a skill that will not only make them physically and mentally stronger, but also a little badass and hopefully having a laugh along the way is so much fun for me and I can’t wait to share my passion for it with you!



Nicole Coenen

Fitness Coach – Movement became my personal medicine, I’ve
been boxing since 2013 at various gyms. I fell in love with fitness and holistic studies which eventually lead me to become a fitness trainer and start my certification in Reiki. I continue to study holistic therapies under mentors in the field, emphasizing on nutrition and movement.

Another passion of mine is storytelling, in 2017 I founded North Cut Studio – a video production company used as a platform to capture and share impactful stories that need a voice.

Movement is medicine and I hope to inspire others to gain; strength, empowerment, self-love and overall wellness.