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Self Defense | Femme Force Fitness

Andrea Kemps – September 2013

Hall of Femme

Andrea| March Femme of the Month | Femme Force Fitness | Womens Fitness London On

Better late than never! To keep with the trend, this month’s Femme of the Month is another strong mother who truly exemplifies strength for her children. Andrea Kemps has been training with me for just over two years, when she first walked into my gym she was with her friend Tanya and she was very quiet. Andrea had just had her second child, Ella, and like most Mums she was looking to get her body back into pre-baby shape. As a new Mum at that time, she was balancing both taking care of herself and learning the ropes of parenthood, and like many women at that point, what brought her into the gym was a desire to feel good in her body. Anybody who trains with Andrea now can’t help but notice that her body reflects the care and effort she puts into taking care of herself so she can be the best Mum, partner and friend for the people in her life. Andrea’s hard work has paid off for her physically, but I am most impressed by how she has truly integrated self care on many levels into her life, and modeled that for the children she loves so much. Andrea’s children quite literally follow in her footsteps; it has become a pleasant and familiar sight in the gym to see Andrea do her workout with two small shadows mirroring everything that their Mama does. I cannot write about Andrea without mentioning her impressive and fierce loyalty. Femme Force Fitness in this form is still fairly new, but Andrea has steadfastly supported me as a person and a trainer throughout my journey to bring this gym to life. Not only did she follow me when I left an unhealthy business partnership from that gym, to my basement, and through location moves with Femme Force, she also exemplifies what I hope for within my Femme Force Family. Whenever I have a project, an event, or a new adventure come my way, Andrea is ALWAYS one of the first to step forward and support whatever it is. As I have mentioned before, owning your own business is not always a steady and dependable endeavour, and I cannot tell you the immense value I place on a person who always stands behind me, and Andrea is one of those people. We are all very proud of you at Femme Force Fitness, and I look forward to walking this journey called life together ( maaaaybe doing walking lunges) with you. Continue to live your best life and never ever change because Andrea you are one amazing woman, mother, wife, aunt, daughter and friend. Take pride in all of your achievements in and outside the gym 🙂 and continue to CRUSH all of your life goals! You are a true testament that some mothers do lift more than just their kids, and its so wonderful that your kids follow in your footsteps 🙂 Congratulations Andrea! You are our September Femme of the month 🙂


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