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Self Defense | Femme Force Fitness

Steph Jones – May 2013

Hall of Femme

Stephanie| March Femme of the Month | Femme Force Fitness | Womens Fitness London On

NINJA! That pretty much sums up Steph ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s been so much fun getting to know you over the past year. Your work ethic is hard to describeโ€ฆI summed it up as a Sincere Beast! You’re dedication to Femme Force Fitness has been 100% since you started with us back in July 2012. When I met you for the first time you had said to me that you were just looking for something different, and that you wanted to be pushed way out of your comfort zone. Well Steph I knew at that point that you were going to be a work horse! I lovingly pushed you but truthfully I didn’t really have to push you much more because you had it covered. It’s really easy to train someone like Steph. It’s like blind faith I tell ya ๐Ÿ™‚ whatever I challenged Steph with she would just do it with a huge smile on her face and no complaints. You’re a natural born athlete girl! You crave a workout that’s going to leave you spent and wanting to barf lol! Here is a little background on Steph just so you know who she is and why she trains so hard. Steph has her second degree black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate, she’s trained and competed from 2004-2010. She has been national champion in semi contact (point) fighting, she is a silver and bronze medal winner at the WKA and WKC World Championships in semi contact and light contact continuous fighting (2005,2007,2008, 2009) I’d say she’s pretty BAD ASS ๐Ÿ™‚

Steph your ability to push way out of your comfort zone and still want more for yourself shows me that you’re a true ATHLETE at heart even though you’re done with competing. She trains 3-4 times a week at the gym, always coming to work hard and help those out who need a little extra push or a few words of encouragement. I would like to talk about Steph’s sense of humorโ€ฆit’s AMAZING! You could be drenched in sweat and at the point of exhaustion but still have the energy to bust out a joke while doing single leg burpees or band sprints! Steph is quiet but strong, caring but fierce, relaxed but always ready to switch it on and give it her all. A lot of the girls at the gym are truly inspired by you and your hard work that you give day in and day out at the gym. It’s like you give them something to push for. I always hear “wow look at her work, I want to be like her” it’s that kind of energy that’s contagious; it’s the kind of energy that you give all the time. I just wanted to say thank you for being you!

Thank you for volunteering at the charity events and for referring friends to FFF. You truly believe in what Femme Force Fitness is about; it’s not just about the “Fitness” it’s about the family and giving back to those who need it. Thank you for always coming in with a smile and leaving with an even bigger one! It’s funny to hear someone thank me everyday for kicking their butt, which you always do. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously folks, pain is pleasure for Steph, it truly is. It’s an honor to recognize you for our May Femme of the Month Ninja! Congratulations, you are well deserving of this recognition, and I look forward to many more NINJA trainings with you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Super proud of you Stephanie Jones!

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