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Strong Sisters

Physical Activity for ALL Abilities. Movement is medicine!

Strong Sisters is a FREE group program offered to women age 16-60 in the London area. The program focuses on the needs of women fighting mental health challenges and provides them with the opportunity to engage in physical activity in a safe, supportive group setting free of charge.

We want to

Help women find a stronger sense of self-confidence and self-love while learning how to individually stand in their own power.

Program Overview

In addition to providing group fitness, the Strong Sisters program focuses on education and group discussions related to wellness and mental health. Participants explore how to successfully manage the challenges of everyday life, mindfulness, and healthy eating.

What to expect:

  • Women attend 1x a week for 1 hour
  • Full baseline physical and mental evaluation at beginning, mid-point and end of program
  • Group discussion on: managing mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating and more
  • Fitness program that works for ALL abilities

When living with mental health challenges, an individual can face any number of barriers including but not limited to social anxiety, low self-esteem, and limited income. Emma O’Connor and Janene Ford,

founders of Strong Sisters, share the vision that engaging in physical activity is a dynamic tool to help someone reach their potential both physically and mentally. Emma and Janene are excited for this new program and are driven to ensure its success because EVERYONE has the right to be an active, equal member of their community.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about Strong Sisters or how you can support the program through fundraising, sponsorship, and/or donations, please email us at or call 519-601-1619.